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 Environmental Policy

Quartz Stone Environment Policy

Recycled Quartz Stone Surface Collection
Setting a new benchmark for quartz surfacing products, CaesarStone's innovative recycled range of quartz slabs incorporate 17-42% first quality reclaimed quartz from the fabrication process (post-production recycled) and post-consumer recycled glass and mirrors.
The Mosaici Mini-Collection - containing 42% recycled raw materials - is one of the most successful examples of this trend.
The high recycled content of our eco-friendly product range reduces the demand for primal raw materials, protecting the planet's precious resources.

Technical Data
Percentage of Recycled Material Color Classification
42% 42% 30%
7150 7250 7141
Post-production* Post-production Post-consumer

* Recycled CaesarStone remnants
**Recycled mirrors, glass (post-consumed as other products)

A Green Perspective
Committed to a Cleaner, Safer and Better Quality Environment
At CaesarStone, we take pride in being the first quartz surfacing company worldwide to carry global standard ISO 14001 certification for environmental protection in industry. This means that in and outside of our plant, everything we do is according to our environmental management policy whereby we maintain safety standards to protect all workers, observe eco-friendly production processes, and do our utmost to work only with eco-friendly suppliers.
As we strive to make sure our actions are as green as possible, we are increasingly committed to implementing optimal use of recycled raw materials in our products in order to enhance a quality environment. We have already taken this commitment one step further and have already gained a solid reputation as leaders in utilizing and leveraging recycled materials for packaging and office equipment.
CaesarStone end-users also benefit from our commitment to the environment. The nonporous nature of our quartz surfaces prevents growth of surface mold and microbes and ensures a healthier environment while our low-maintenance requirements decrease the use of harmful detergents in the ecosystem.
At CaesarStone, preserving the environment and guarding the wellbeing of our customers go hand in hand with caring for a better globe for all and ensuring a brighter future for the next generation.

CaesarStone Environment Policy

At CaesarStone, minimising our impact on the environment is a top priority.

Compliance with Voluntary Safety and Environmental Standards.
CaesarStone’s quartz surfaces comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001, GREENGUARD and is a registered member of USGBC - The American Green Building Council.

All CaesarStone surfaces comply with American GEI (GREENGUARD Environmental Institute) certification which primarily verifies that CeasarStone’s products meet the most stringent indoor air emission standards.

Compliance with NSF 51.
CaesarStone’s products are compliant with the International Health and Safety Foundation sanitary standard, ensuring that our working surfaces are safe for use in all food environments.

Minimal Maintenance.
The non-porous quality of our quartz surfaces prevents the growth of surface mold and microbes, therefore requiring minimal maintenance and significantly reducing the need for cleaning materials and detergents that may harm the environment.

High Performance and Durability.
Our quartz surfaces are long-lasting and durable, delivering both an improved life-cycle costs and additional investment value. CaesarStone products are supported by a 10 Year Limited Warranty.

Green Star environmental rating system.
Launched by the Green Building Council of Australia, the Green Star rating tools help the property industry to evaluate the environmental design and performance of buildings and to drive the adoption of green building practices.

For more information on how CaesarStone’s products may contribute to Green Star credit points, please refer to our “Environmental and Sustainability” information available on our website. CaesarStone Australia is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia.

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